Thursday, October 26, 2006


The girl I think MJ would be if she were alive in real life.

The latest.

Cute characters.
Mmm... Yeah.

Last month.

Is that the Eiffel Tower doing jazz hands? Is it!? Tell me!

Ever want to see a movie about anthropomorphic cutlery?

Screaming leaves.

Zombie, bus man and swirly face.

Once again, don't really know what to say. Reminds me of that one bad guy from Batman Beyond, what's his name?

Random sketch crawl drawing of some crazy guy at the bus station.

My third and favourite zombie. I said beforehand I was going to draw a sympathetic zombie, and I think I succeeded!

Random oldness.

Second zombie ever, and some crazy ass designs.
Joel again? He was certainly my favourite subject to draw last year. Must be the hat.

Some early character designs for a comic type book/thing.

Some crazy faces.

Hey, who's that on the right? Is that Joel? I think it is!

Stuff from last year.

Note the blood. I think that's what I'm most proud of in this instance.

I really don't know what to say about this one.

Life Drawing stint.

Random old head designs.

1st year layout pays off, Jared sleeping, and an angel

The old stuff just keeps coming...

What gets credit as my first zombie picture ever. Unbeknowest to me. Is that weird? I'm like that guy from Heroes who doesn't know what the hell he's painting until it's too late.

Still don't get this. I was flipping through a long time ago and I came across this. I don't remember drawing a tiny Jesus. Ominous, no?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006