Friday, November 18, 2011

Woman design.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how this woman is supposed to look.  She's meant to be a rich housewife living in a Beverly Hills mansion.  She's fake, big hair, big knockers, vacant stare, and as easy as she is drunk.  I just can't suss her out.  Anyway, here are just a few attempts.

I tried a few different things with eyes here.  I started with a wide eyed look that was meant to look like she had a thousand facelifts, but she ended up looking too cute, even with hamburger lips on the bottom left.

Here, instead of a tall thin head, I tried to contrast the dog's design and do a wide football head. This worked alright, but I couldn't get the neck size, or the posture right.

Getting closer here, I tried to move away from wide eyed, and tried to move into full on retardation by trying to give her lazy eyes, but it's difficult not to make them look seductive.  Very fine line.

I think this is the closest one by far.  I like the giant, round crossed eyes, and the ridiculous expression. I also like the cheekbones and the strained neck muscles.  My only issue with this is that it would be much harder to animate than anything else.  I find it might be too complex.

Character design.

    So I've given myself a bit of a deadline for this film project I got goin' on.  As I previously expressed, I have the tendency to abandon projects before they're completed.  I want ONE thing completed, so I can say at least I did something in my life.
    Anywho, here are a couple designs for a dog character in this film.

First head rotation I've done in a long while.  Ended up not quite liking this design though.
Thought it looked too fox-like, so I changed the cheeks a bit to not stick out so much and make the eyes bigger, as you can see below.

Working out the quarter angle a bit.

The body design on the right is the one I ended up going with.  
I'll be doing a full character rotation this weekend I think.

Some more sketches.  I think my first succesful up angle drawing at bottom right.
The happy one, as my fiance pointed out, is far too happy.  He's supposed to be dumb and yappy.

Sketch of the day.

A while ago I was given an amazing present.  It was a sketch a day book.  I was meant to put in one drawing every single day for a year.  And of course, as I go, I fell behind and I abandoned it entirely, fool that I am.  But up to that point I did manage to squeeze out a couple nuggets of expression that I thought were not too bad.


There's a film idea my fiance gave me that I've been working on for a little while.  I have a few preliminary drawings, as well as some practice I've been doing.

Boarding a couple scenes from "Slings and Arrows".  Great Canadian actor Paul Gross' masterpiece.

Some concept drawings for my lip sync that I posted earlier.

Preston Blair.

I've been reading the Preston Blair book - Advanced Animation, and it's so educational.  Just copying the drawings gives you such a sense of form and expression.  I've never learned so much from one drawing, (or several).

They're so simple, but they have so much life to them as well.

Obviously a Tom, and a suspiciously Bugs Bunny-esque character.

First post in a while.

Holy crap, almost 4 years since my last post?  My word.  Alright, well let's put some stuff up.  Here's a lip sync I worked on a bit, but as with most things, never actually finished.  But I got a few expressions in there that I'm pretty happy with.  Of course, this is Chris Farley, from "Tommy Boy".