Friday, November 18, 2011

Character design.

    So I've given myself a bit of a deadline for this film project I got goin' on.  As I previously expressed, I have the tendency to abandon projects before they're completed.  I want ONE thing completed, so I can say at least I did something in my life.
    Anywho, here are a couple designs for a dog character in this film.

First head rotation I've done in a long while.  Ended up not quite liking this design though.
Thought it looked too fox-like, so I changed the cheeks a bit to not stick out so much and make the eyes bigger, as you can see below.

Working out the quarter angle a bit.

The body design on the right is the one I ended up going with.  
I'll be doing a full character rotation this weekend I think.

Some more sketches.  I think my first succesful up angle drawing at bottom right.
The happy one, as my fiance pointed out, is far too happy.  He's supposed to be dumb and yappy.

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